Saturday, October 27, 2012

Home Made Apple Pie

This is home-made-to-the-finest apple pie!

Although, I'm fairly confident in the kitchen, when it comes to something like Apple Pie, where it is well known to everyone and evokes such fond memories, I get a little nervous to create something new.  You hear how everyone's grandma or aunt or mom makes the BEST apple pie.  So, why mess with that? 

Well, I was wanting to really just try something new and since I've never really made an apple pie, this seemed liked a fun fall dessert after a dinner of homemade Ruben sandwiches.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Simple Stove Top Chicken Dinner

An old saying that is thrown around, but not always heeded is: 'Some times less is more.' 

In this case, the less can be more appealing because it's simple to put together, easy to cook and leaves you with a quite tasty finished product.  I like dinners like this for those nights that you would rather cook at home, but being a 5 star chef is not a necessity.

 To get started, just grab a few things from your spice cabinet and your meat tenderizer.  I am a fan of the tenderizer when it comes to chicken breasts because making them all the same thickness allows for much more even cooking time.